Deluxe Doctoral Gown & Tam-PhD Blue


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Product Description

Deluxe Doctoral Gown-PhD Blue Velvet Trim with Gold Piping

  • 100% plain woven polester
  • Front velvet with three velvet bars on each sleeve
  • Fluting across the shoulder and back
  • Hidden zipper closure with hood eye clasp
  • Black & Blue Velvet Trim are Available

Deluxe Doctoral Gown & Tam– The Be.Fore doctoral graduation gowns are made of high quality matte finish and velvet. Each gown has 3 velvet bars on each sleeve. Refer to sleeves, most of our doctoral graduation gowns are with traditional bell cuff sleeves. And also they features detailed flutes around yoke and shoulder with Gold Piping. All size are available for your need.  Our Custom Deluxe Doctoral Gown can be made totally per your school’s requirements and your personal likes. The gown’s color and the velvet’s color are allowed to your need. And we can embroider or print your school’s emblem on the chest of Doctoral Gown per your need. Also you could choose the tam & hood for your graduation, just tell us and there is a surprise for you!


Size Chart

be.fore.gown & cap size


Additional Information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 25 x 26 x 5 cm
Adult Sizes

39 (4’6”- 4’8”), 42 (4’9”- 4’11”), 45 (5’0”- 5’2”), 48 (5’3”- 5’5”), 51 (5’6”- 5’8”), 54 (5’9”- 5’11”), 57 (6’0”- 6’2”), 60 (6’3”- 6’5”), 63 (6’6”- 6’8”), 66 (6’9”- 6’11”), None


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